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Top 6 drought tolerant plants

Top 6 drought tolerant plants

Planting these top 6 drought tolerant plants means they will thrive in dry conditions and longer hot summers which will ultimately mean you can have a low maintenance garden with the environment in mind. All plants need water, but drought tolerant plants need far less, meaning you can use the water from your water butt for other plants that need it. Creating a dry garden is great for hot spots and there are many plants that flower, have texture and fragrance perfect for a drought tolerant space. Many will have long roots which are able to draw up water from deep below the surface and others have evolved to grow smaller leaves meaning less transpiration and others may have fleshy stems where they store water for times of low rainfall.

1. Agapanthus (Lily of the nile)

A really well known and distinctive plant that grows really well in containers or in garden borders. There are many varieties but we love ‘Fireworks’ as the lilac and white flowers look just like fireworks at the top of the long sturdy stem. Agapanthus need water as they establish but after the first year they will need much less. 

2. Lavender 

Probably the most well known and best loved drought tolerant plant that has everything going for it! Lavenders are literally the ultimate drought tolerant plant. With silver/green foliage that grows readily in almost any soil type, this hardy shrub can withstand high temperatures with no ill effects and will still produce thin stems with the beautiful and heavily scented flowers at the tip. Lavenders such as 'Hidcote' and 'Munstead' are extremely popular and are even used for low hedging as they are so easy to grow and keep. Don't forget that these super drought tolerant plants are also a absolute favourite of or butterflies and bees too!

3. Gaura

Flowering through midsummer into autumn often where nothing else is growing, the white and pinkish flowers float gracefully in the breeze and will thrive in full sun and well drained soil. Gaura is a lovely addition to any garden giving it a whimsical feeling, especially if planted amongst grasses and other drought tolerant perennials. 

4. Sepervivum

Geometric, low-growing houseleeks with their colourful evergreen rosettes are a doddle to grow. Sempervivums need well-drained growing conditions in an open sunny spot. They are well adapted to extremes of temperature and drought.

5. Achillea (Yarrow)

When it comes to heavy-duty drought tolerance, yarrow is a sure fire winner. With soft, feathery leaves and umbrella-like clusters of white, yellow, and pink blossoms, yarrow grows in drought-prone areas where other plants wouldn’t dare. Yarrow blooms throughout summer, and flowers can be cut for beautiful bouquets and dried arrangements. It spreads rapidly to form a dense green mat, so it’s perfect as a border plant. It’s also an especially important foraging source for pollinators

6. Delosperma (Hardy ice plant) 

A wonderful drought tolerant plant again needing very little watering. Delosperma cooperii is a low growing variety which is exceptional for ground cover in containers or in borders. Grow in full sun and well drained soil.

Top 5 drought tolerant plants

There are many more plants that will thrive in drought conditions. Always read the label on any plants you buy which will show if the plant needs a lot of watering or not. Other drought tolerant plants include Erigeron, Verbena bonariensis, grasses and agastache.  

We have many plants in store for a dry garden and advice on hand when you visit us.