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Bedding plants Stokesley

Whitegates Nursery - bedding plants Homeowners have used bedding plants in Stokesley to improve the appearance of their homes for decades. A carefully placed set of colourful plants can be expertly mixed to create a captivating view. It gives your garden an effect that is nothing short of a rainbow. It makes your home appear more inviting to guests while adding a lot of value to your home’s appearance, something you can be proud of.  


Whitegates homegrown bedding plants

Looking to buy bedding plants near Stokesley? You will find that our collection of plants and flowers at Whitegates nursery is just what you need to update your garden design. We have a broad range of bedding plants that includes the most popular varieties used by homeowners. Moreover, most of the bedding plants we over are homegrown at our nursery!

Our team can also provide you with tips and lessons on how to maintain your bedding plants and create a great visual effect by mixing the varieties.


The popularity of bedding plants near Stokesley

Homeowners choose bedding plants near Stokesley for a wide variety of reasons.

  1. First, bedding plants grow very quickly and spread through the garden bed quickly to give it a fuller look. Some species can grow four times in size in just one month making them ideal for people looking to improve their garden quickly.
  2. Bedding plants are available in a wide variety of colours. This allows growers to choose one that works best with their garden and matches their home colour.
  3. Bedding plants can grow to enormous sizes. A typical plant can grow to a height of a few meters within a season.
  4. A mixture of bedding plants used together can help create an amazing and colourful variety in your garden and give it an artistic look.
  5. Bedding plants are popular and you can always find a large variety at any nursery. 


Variety of Bedding Plants near Stokesley

The summer variety of bedding plants can give your garden a great colourful look that you can be proud of. Some of the more popular varieties of bedding plants in Stokesley are pansies, violas, petunias, geranium, primrose and begonias. All of these varieties are easy to grow and they can add a lot of character to your garden.

Wallflowers, cosmos, lobelia and busy lizzie are also quite popular. You can find these varieties at our Whitegates nursery which is close to Stokesley and less than half an hour’s drive. Besides bedding plants, we also stock a wide range of perennials! Our nursery is open seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, including Sundays when we are open for business from 10 am to 4 pm.

Give us a ring on 01609882355 or visit us to find out what bedding plants are in stock at the moment!