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Roses Darlington

Looking for pretty roses near Darlington? We have a big range of them on display at Whitegates Nursery in Northallerton. Among all our ranges of flowering plants, our variety of roses  have always captivated our visitors with their many beautiful shades – red, pink, yellow, white, blue, and so on – and scent that lingers in the memory for days.


Why our range of roses near Darlington is your best choice

By most people’s standards, a rose in full bloom beats the beauty of any other flower one would ever come across. The artistic arrangement of its many petals, the proud length of its stalk, the majesty of its alluring colour, and the mild scent that permeates into the mind are but few of the many qualities that make a rose most dear to those who love flowers.

Roses near DarlingtonFortunately, roses come in such a big variety of types, colour, shape, and dispositions that every garden owner can have a few to fit their needs and limitations. Garden owners with roses near Darlington prefer our range because we make sure they find every kind of rose they are looking for. We have:

  • Shrub roses to be the centre of attention in your garden’s flowerbeds, filling it with their colourful bunches and enchanting aroma throughout summer.
  • Patio roses that you can keep in small containers to decorate your doorstep with colour and scent to impress the weekend guests.
  • Climber roses so your garden trellis is not covered with any flower other than the beautiful rose in its blues, reds, pinks, and yellows.


Get advice on the right kind of roses for your garden at our nursery near Darlington

Visiting our nursery to find roses near Darlington has the added advantage of getting first-hand expert advice from our team who adore roses. During your visit, you can ask our friendly experts any questions you might have about your garden’s collections of roses. They will be happy to tell you which type of roses would suit you best according to your limitations of room, budgets, or range of plants in the garden. Get inspired by more of our homegrown plants here.


Why visit Whitegates Nursery?

As lovers of roses, all flowers, plants, and trees, we make sure we treat our customers as fellow hobbyists and not customers. This is one reason why our staff are always so friendly and why you get the best value for your money buying from us. We are available throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, so you can visit us with your family, get the plants you love, complement these with the right containers and enjoy a cup in our fantastic Cafe..

Give us a ring on 01609882355 or visit us to find out what roses we have in stock at the moment.