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Shrubs Stockton

Gardening enthusiasts can buy shrubs near Stockton for all needs and varieties at the Whitegates nursery. At our garden centre, we keep the spirit of gardening and nature alive.


Ready to plant shrubs near Stockton

For people who enjoy gardening, it is much more than just the act of planting vegetables in your landscape or growing lilies in the container-pots in the patio.

Watching your plants bloom and the flowers blossom during the first months of spring is a sight to behold. People who have the love for nature in their genes can attest to the feeling of pride and joy when watching their hard work at gardening produce results.

But gardening does not necessarily have to be hard work all the time. For instance, you can buy beautiful, green plants and shrubs near Stockton that are already trimmed and cut to size to fit your garden.


Greener homes with elegant garden shrubs near Stockton

Proper gardening and landscaping the front of your home is all about careful planning and choosing the right plants and shrubs that would add a great look to your home. The Whitegates nursery has a wide selection of summer and winter shrubs in Stockton that can make your garden look amazing all year-round.


Things to consider when buying shrubs

You may not be aware of this but plants require a lot of care and attention in order to grow properly. Think of them as pets, albeit a lot less messy. A plant that becomes wilted due to neglect does not come back, no matter how much water it gets later.

Most people take three things into account when they consider buying new plants and shrubs in Stockton. The first is the price of course. The second is their knowledge of the plant, and how they could use it in their garden. The third thing is how much time and care the plant would require in maintenance.

When making a purchase, asking yourself these questions can help you make a good decision. Of course, our Whitegates team is ready to assist you!


Types of shrubs at Whitegates Nursery near Stockton

The Middlesbrough climate is suitable for a large variety of shrubs and plants that you can use in your garden to give it an improved look. Some of the more common varieties that are popular among the locals are the following.

  • Beauty bush
  • Skimmia japonica
  • Firethorn
  • Pheasant berry
  • Spindle
  • Korean fir
  • Cryptomeria japonicaThe Whitegates Nursery team near Stockton
  • Picea pungens
  • Maidenhair tree
  • Columnar yew
  • Viburnum bodnantense Dawn
  • Daphne mezereum
  • Christmas box
  • Winter-flowering honeysuckle
  • Mahonia x media
  • Varieties of Willow
  • Soft downy rose
  • Field rose
  • Broom
  • Small-leaved sweetbriar

To see what shrubs we have in stock at the moment give us a ring on 01609882355 or visit us where a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help!. Of course, we also stock a wide range of plants, such as roses, and have a cafe for you to extend your visit and treat yourself. We are open seven days a week.