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Perennials Middlesbrough

Beautiful perennials near Middlesbrough can add a lot of character and style to the home. Many people opt for perennial plants instead of annual or biennials because they are economical and last much longer.


Growing perennials near Middlesbrough

Growing perennials near Middlesbrough isn’t as difficult as some might think, as long as you know what you are doing. The skilled gardening staff at Whitegates nursery can also provide you with information and tips that keep your perennial plants growing healthy and beautiful for many years.

Perennials plants do require a fair deal of work though. Perennials, when maintained properly, can last for decades. Most of the work is required in the initial stage however and once the plant has grown to the adult stage, things tend to get easier in terms of maintenance.


Why perennial plants are a popular choice around Middlesbrough

Perennial plants are quite popular around Middlesbrough because of their value for money and longer life. Perennial plants can be divided into two types based on their structure, herbaceous plants and woody perennials.

Herbaceous perennials are non-woody plants, bushes and shrubs where all the leaves die and fall to the ground each winter but the roots survive and the plant re-grows during spring.

Woody plants are trees and vines where the growth of leaves and other parts slows down during winter but resumes during spring.

Growing annual or even biennial plants requires a lot of cleaning after the plants have lived through their season. People also need to purchase new seeds the next time the season starts. This makes such plants both expensive and high-maintenance and a lot of people prefer buying perennials.


Whitegates Nursery’s range of perennials near Middlesbrough

Whitegates NurseryWe are proud to offer a wide range of perennials near Middlesbrough for your home and business gardens.

Consider the list of our popular perennial plants.

  • Late Summer Perennials
    • Plume Poppy
    • Crocosmia Lucifer
    • Sedum Ruby Glow
    • Penstemon Garnet
    • Aconitum Sparks Variety
    • Phlox paniculata Mount Fuji
  • Winter Perennials
    • Arum italicum Cuckoo Pint
    • Hellebores
    • Bergenia
    • Heuchera
    • Phlomis russeliana
  • All Season Perennials
    • Peony Blooms
    • Rudbeckias
    • Japanese anemones
    • Long flowering Esters
    • Salvia Caradonna
    • Erysimum Bowles Mauve
    • Geranium Rozanne
    • Echinacea

Give us a ring on 01609882355 or visit us to find out what perennials we have in stock at the moment.

Best place for perennials near Middlesbrough

The greatest strength of Whitegates nursery is our family-friendly staff and gardeners with decades of experience growing plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and perennials.

When you come to our garden centre to make a purchase, our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and listen to your needs. They will help you find the most suitable perennial plants that help your garden in Middlesbrough.

Whitegates Garden Centre is open 7 days a week. Our tearoom serves freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day.