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How to make a compost bin

How to make a compost bin

We will show you how to make a compost bin with this guide to the numerous ways you can build a compost bin. No matter what size garden you have, composting is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. When your compost is ready to use in your garden, your plants will thank you for it. Try one of these ideas if you are wondering what you can compost in and how to make a bin. 

Here are some ideas on how to make a compost bin yourself: 

  • Recycled plastic container 
  • DIY wooden pallets 
  • Chicken wire bin 
  • Dalek compost bins 

Make a compost bin from a recycled plastic container

There is no need to throw away old storage containers because they can make excellent compost bins. Drill holes around the top of the bin for airflow, and ensure you have a lid. This idea is suitable for small spaces, including even patios and balconies. Ensure you include plenty of green and brown matter for a good combination, stir it and add a little water to keep it moist as and when needed. This will provide a nutritious mulch for your plants. 

DIY compost bin out of wooden pallets

Pallets are easy to find from builders' yards, online or by delivery. They are also easy to make into a compost bin. You can do this by attaching four pallets together into a square shape. These are ideal if you have a bit more space and can even be extended over time if you need more. They can also be lined with chicken wire to stop rodents from getting in. They can be open at the top, although you will need to cover the compost or use a fifth pallet to make a lid. 

How to make a compost bin out of chicken wire

An easy compost bin to make which can be used to compost grass clippings and leaves, for example, is a circular-shaped chicken wire bin. Use wooden or metal stakes as stall as the bin will be to mark out the area. Roll the chicken wire around the stakes to form a circle and attach them together. 

Transform a Dalek bin into a compost bin

If all else fails and you are still unsure what type of compost bin you would like, or even if you want to make one yourself at all, twisted Dalek bins could be the answer. There are quite a few different shapes, sizes and colours now available which can be situated in all kinds of spaces. They have a lid and a hatch at the front where you can check on the compost and use it from the bottom. 

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