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8 great ornamental grasses to grow

8 great ornamental grasses to grow

Ornamental grasses add so much to a garden, bringing borders to life with their airy flower stems, softening paving and edging borders. There are grasses for sunny spots and grasses that will grow happily in part shade. Here are a couple of our favourite ornamental grasses and how to care for them.  

Great ornamental grasses to grow

  1. Miscanthus sinensis is an elegant deciduous grass with long arching leaves. Plant it in moist, well-drained fertile soil in full sun. It’s best in large borders, as it forms big, spreading clumps.  Leave the dry foliage and flower stems to stand over winter and cut them down in early spring before the new foliage appears.

  2. Carex oshimensis (sedge) forms compact clumps of foliage, ideal for lining paths or using as part of an evergreen display in a container. It also makes an excellent ground cover, and there are varieties to suit full sun or part shade. Comb out the dead foliage in spring.


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