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Rabbit proof plants for your garden

Rabbit proof plants for your garden

If you have rabbits in your garden, you know what it feels like to look out in the morning and see a collection of bare nibbled stems where your plants used to be instead of beds filled with beautiful plants. Rabbits can be a menace in gardens, eating a wide variety of garden plants. While there’s no such thing as a completely rabbit-proof plant, there are some that seem less attractive to most rabbits. Here’s a list of some of the more successful rabbit-proof plants.

Top rabbit proof plants

  1. Alchemilla Mollis: A herbaceous perennial which forms a clump of light green leaves with scalloped edges. They produce small bright yellow flowers in large sprays just above the foliage.

  2. Stachys Byzantina (Lambs Ear): A carpeting evergreen perennial with thick, soft oblong leaves. In summer will have purple spikes of flower. Grows well in full sun.

  3. Digitalis (foxglove): A well-known and popular wildflower with tall flower spires in late spring and early summer. Foxgloves are biennial, producing leaves in their first year and flowers in their second, then setting seed and dying.  They grow well in the shade and will self-seed and spread slowly around the garden if the conditions are right.

  4. Crocosmia: A multi-flowered perennial that come in a range of bright fiery colours. Easy to grow and thrive in a range of soil types in sun or shade.

  5. Agapanthus (African lily): Rounded blue or violet flower heads on tall stems above clumps of long strappy leaves. These natives of southern Africa look lovely in a sunny border.

  6. Tagetes patula (French marigolds): With their cheerful orange or yellow flowers, these marigolds brighten up pots and window boxes, and they’re also good companion plants in vegetable gardens, attracting pollinators and deterring aphids.

  7. Salvia x superba (hybrid sage): A classic border perennial with soft grey-green leaves and spires of purple flowers in late summer.

  8. Bergenia (elephants ears): A low-growing perennial with large, tough rounded leaves. It grows well in partial shade and flowers in early spring.


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